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Therapies & Progression

Stepping into Excellence

Have you ever thought..I want to do stop that habit, or gain some confidence and focus, or stop that phobia or worry constantly getting in my way?  and yet it never happens, life just gets in the way or it just doesn’t happen-well don’t worry, because it’s not you, it’s your subconscious mind, and I can help remove the blocks that have been holding you back.


I can help you to overcome bad Habit’s, Release emotional traumas, Reduce Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, reduce negative behaviour & thinking,  give you back confidence & control.

When it comes to quality living, the most important decision you can make is by investing in you and your future*.

Services that can assist you are…

Clinical Hypnotherapy


EFT (also known as tapping) or Emotional Freedom Therapy

Timeline Therapies

Ego Parts Therapy

Matrix Therapy

Life Guidance Coaching

Stress & Anxiety Counselling

Guided Visualisation Meditations




To Book

Just contact me via my website or go direct to either one of my clinics at 

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alternatively I also hold a healing and therapy clinic at 111, Burnham High Street, unit 4 in Berkshire, and meditation evenings every 1st Thursday of each month 7-9pm.

Jo-anna Knight

My book & Self Help

It’s all about you!

When I write a book or even when I meditate on sharing a hypnotic script, I am thinking of the many life issues and challenges that people face.

For this reason, I have shared some very personal life challenges in order to help others learn and grow, as I believe that any useful information is better than no information at all.

In my self progression workbook “Return from the void” I share many exercises and tips on how to deal with life when dark times hit us. My book can be found at my clinics, on amazon. and can be posted and signed as a gift by your request. For quick reference… Take a look

Alternatively if “Happy Relationships” is a subject that you are interested in, then why not take a look at my 2nd release on


There is nothing quite like a FREEBIE, to bring a smile and take as a little treat.  My gift to you is a Chakra Meditation to calm the mind and bring inner peace to the self.  Why not take some YOU Time, and lay down, relax and listen to this tranquil meditation.  Just click here or go direct to you tube…


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Jo-anna Knight

Energy Healing & Psychic Readings

This is where the Journey Begins….

Since early childhood I had a strong Intuition and link to others, and I would often become upset as the feelings from others was so intense.  I would often stand with those who were being hurt or bullied by others as I could literally feel their pain.

Today I have enhanced a once painful gift, into one of calm understanding and guidance.  For over 19 years now I have read the Tarot Cards as a divination tool for guidance, comfort and confirmation to those who are confused, lost or stuck in a cycle.

We all hit times of hardship, or loss every now and again, and the overwhelming feelings that follow can lead to a foggy like feeling, where we don’t really know where to turn next, or what to do, or even what we want.  However, guidance is never far away.

Take a look at my link to my sister site for more information here… 

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where  I offer the following services….

Psychic Tarot Readings

Angelic Oracle Readings

Past Life Regressions under hypnosis

Future Timeline Therapies

Dreamweaving on request


Spell kits

Reiki Healing

Emotional Freedom Technique Energy Healing

Emotrance Colour Healing

Psychic Counselling & Coaching

I have trained over many years to offer the variety of services that I have refined.  If you want to find out more, just pick up the phone and call or text. x